for Black Liberation

We are literary organizations at the center of the shift in American letters — a Black shift. Black literature empowers us to actualize our humanity and liberation.

for Black Liberation

We are organizations at the center of the shift in American letters — a Black shift. Black literary word empowers us to actualize our humanity and liberation.

A Black Collective Fundraiser

A Black Collective Fundraiser

A Black Collective Fundraiser

Getting Word: Black Literature for Black Liberation is an annual collective fundraiser calling for the long-term monetary support of the Black literary arts organizations responsible for producing America’s leading authors.

Cave Canem Foundation

For 25 years Cave Canem has cultivated the artistic and professional growth of Black Poets.

Founded by Toi Derricotte and Cornelius Eady in 1996 to remedy the under-representation and isolation of Black poets in the literary landscape, Cave Canem Foundation is a home for the many voices of Black poetry and is committed to cultivating the artistic and progressional growth of Black poets.

Furious Flower Poetry Center

Founded on JMU Campus, Furious Flower is the nation’s first academic center for Black poetry.

In the almost twenty-five years since it began, Furious Flower's programs have reached thousands of poets, educators, students, and poetry lovers around the world. Today, the mission of the center is to ensure the visibility, inclusion and critical consideration of Black poets in American letters, as well as in the whole range of educational curricula. Our programming seeks to cultivate an appreciation for poetry and students of all levels-from elementary to graduate school and beyond.

Hurston/Wright Foundation

For over 30 years, Hurston/Wright has celebrated, nurtured and showcased Black writers in all phases of their writing journey.

The Hurston/Wright Foundation supports Black writers in developing their writing and creating quality literature. Providing intensive writing workshop retreats, residencies, and craft talks, Hurston/Wright's mission is mentor, recognize and provide community for Black writers. In addition, we strive to connect writers with reading audiences, creating spaces for engagement. Co-founded by multi-genre writer Marita Golden, Hurston/Wright produces The Black Writer's Studio podcast, and presents several awards, including the annual Hurston/Wright Legacy Awards.

Obsidian: Literature & Arts in the African Diaspora

An award-winning peer-reviewed journal and publishing platform for critical and creative Black literature and arts.

Celebrating over 47 years, Obsidian was founded by late poet Alvin Aubert with help from poet Sonia Sanchez. Aubert mobilized energy created by the Black Arts Movement to address the lack of venues for writers of African descent. Published biannually in print and year-round online, Obsidian supports the contemporary poetry, fiction, drama/performance, visual and media art of Africans globally, and remains an independent beacon for critical-creative Black thought.

The Watering Hole

Founded in 2013, The Watering Hole builds Harlem Renaissance spaces for poets of color in the south.

The Watering Hole invests in pursuing the craft of poetry. We are a home where poets of color in the South can learn and grow at each others' feet. As a multiethnic, intergenerational, intersectional Tribe, we meet poets at every level from Slam to Ph.D. to beginner, from Gwendolyn Brooks scholar to Kendrick Lamar aficionado, from retiree to elementary school student.

  Getting Word Juneteenth

  Getting Word Juneteenth

  Getting Word Juneteenth

Our campaign begins on Juneteenth, the date in 1865 when Black folks in Texas “Got Word” of the Emancipation Proclamation and ends on July 4th–another holiday of liberation. Our goal is simple: to link the newly minted holiday of Juneteenth to a tradition of supporting the organizations behind America’s Black authors.





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2022 Donors

Shirley A Jones-Luke
Akila Worksongs
Lillian Allen
Kendra Armer
Jacquese Armstrong
Jen Benka
Marie Brown
Sharon Browning

Sarah Burnes
Sheila Carter-Jones
Denise Chapman
Cathy Linh Che
Sharon Christensen
Desiree Cooper
Marisa Crane
Adrienne Crezo
Shameka Cunningham

Samantha Dickhut
Mary Dysart
Natasha El-Scari
Elyce Elder
Madison Garvin
Maria Hamilton Abegunde
Audrey Hipkins
JoD Hooper
Daniel Jackson

Tayari Jones
Quincy Scott Jones
Kelli Kane
Michelle Keita
Paul Koniecki
Christina Kukuk
Anna Mirzayan
Shauna Morgan
Betty Neals

Northwestern University Press
Bethany Nowviskie
Connie Pan
Hermine Pinson
Tara Reeser
Michele Russo
Leona Sevick
Jennifer Shannon
Rone Shavers

Evie Shockley
Jen St. Jude
The Shipman Agency, Inc.
D’mani Thomas
Todd Truffin
Romaine Washington
Amy Whitfield
Crystal Wilkinson
Kristine Yohe

Inaugural Donors

Liz Ahl
Jesse Alexander
Norma Rock
Lauren K Alleyne
Jubi Arriola-Headley
Becca Auers
Susanna Baird
Jennifer Baker
Alyson Bardsley
Dr. Herman Beavers
Jen Benka
Lucy Bernholz
C. Jean Blain
jon bodie
Bookie’s — Chicago and Homewood
Olivia Bolden
Kalifa/Carlene S. Bonnivier
Lisa Bowden
Leo E. Bowman, Sr.
Sarah Browning
CM Burroughs
Chelsea Carr
Erica Cavanagh
Sharon Christensen
Nichole Christian
Helen Churko
Ryan Clark
Aaron Coleman
Nandi Comer

CA Conrad
Desiree Cooper
Nina Corwin, LCSW
Allen Dance
Matthew F Davis
Shelley A. Davis
Christina Davison
Robin DeRosa
Nicole Dewey
Charlotte Donlon
Kenning Editions
Natasha Ria El-Scari
teri elam
Douglas R Ewart
Carolyn F
Latorial Faison
Gibson Fay-LeBlanc
Jasmine Flowers
T. Ford
Aricka Foreman
Claire Forster
Sherese Francis
Katie Freeman
Allyson Frink
Drs. Joanne and Alexander Gabbin
Ana Garcia Doyle & Jim Doyle
Katharine Gaskin
April Gibson
Barbara Goldberg

Sheree L. Greer
Christopher & Nadia Greggs
Kevin J Hamilton
Maria Hamilton Abegunde
Chere R. Hampton
Bill Haney
Duriel E. Harris
Crit C. Harris, Jr.
Julia Haverstock
Terrance Hayes
Amara Heller
Travis Helms
Heraty Law
Niki Herd
Audrey & Ray
Paul Hlava
Jennifer Huang
Erica Hunt
Atainyene Ibia
Stacy-Marie Ishmael
Ashaki Jackson
Elliot Jackson
Marianne Jackson
Chantal James
E.J. Antonio
Tyehimba Jess
Jacqueline Johnson
Jen Sinclair Johnson
Karma Mayet

Dinah Johnson
Debora Johnson-Ross
Kelli Kane
Douglas Kearney and Nicole McJamerson
M. Nzadi Keita
Jourdan Keith
Ragan Kensington
Angela Kinamore
Siobhan Kinane
Hayley Kolding
Michele Kotler
Oni Lasana Productions
A. J. Lee
Becky Lee
Sueyeun Juliette Lee
Andrea Lewis
Maurisa Li-A-Ping
A JMU Librarian
Marva Lord
Monifa Love
Jennifer Lunden
Shalewa Mackall
Nick Makoha
Shikha Malaviya
Katy Manck
Lisa Marquis
Chad Mazero
Michael McGriff
McKinley E. Melton

Megan Milks
Mary Kenagy Mitchell
Michael Mlekoday
Dr. Marilyn S Mobley
Opal Moore
Tracie Morris
Kortney Morrow
Danielle Motelow
Carole Nash
Gale Naylor
Marilyn R Nelson
Irina Nersessova
Ijeoma Njaka
January Gill O’Neil
Adrienne Oliver
Julie Patton
Ali Pearl
Joanne Peluso
Saleem Hue Penny
Alice Quinn
Anne Rashid
Dr. Pamela D. Reed
Tara Reeser
Sandra Rivers-Gill
Patrick and Mary Rose
Susan Ryan
Lauri Scheyer
Rone Shavers

Richard Shaw
Evie Shockley
Leslie Helene Siegel
Ira Silverberg
Murray Silverstein
Cody Sisco
Deanna and James K.A. Smith
Patricia Smith
Rochelle Spencer
Lynne Thompson
Tony Trigilio
Diane Turner
Chase Twichell
Sonya Vann DeLoach
Margo Viscusi
Robert Wallace
Hao Wang
Romaine Washington
Afaa M. Weaver 尉雅風
The Word Works
Nancy White
h. s. whitecloud
Tyrone Williams
Lisa Willis
Robin Woolery
Dave Wooley and Kris Sealey
Ellen Wright
Estella Young
Burgi Zenhaeusern

Getting Word
Getting Word
Today in July 4th, we remember that American independence did not mean Black liberation. Our campaign to #FundBlackLiterature is an opportunity to reflect on and celebrate the vitality and resilience of the Black American spirit, and the stories of our humanity.

This Independence Day, we invite you to stand with Getting Word’s mission to support our Black literary organizations that are central to Black Literature. Cave Canem, Furious Flower, The Hurston/Wright Foundation, Obsidian, and The Watering Hole represent over 130 years of collective action to guide the journeys of today’s leading, emerging, and aspiring Black authors.

Your donation to Getting Word is a commitment to the future of Black literature, and the financial independence of the Black literary organizations behind your favorite Black authors.

On the final day of our 2022 campaign, we invite you to join us. Your contribution matters. Visit to learn how you can #FundBlackLiterature today!
Getting Word
Getting Word updated their bio.
Getting Word: Black Literature for Black Liberation, an annual collective fundraiser
Getting Word
Getting Word
🔥 We are moved by the outpouring of support for our mission to #FundBlackLiterature! We are working to reach our goal of $50k to help address the systemic underresourcig and underfunding of Black Literary organizations.

Donations to Getting Word are divided equally between our participating organizations. Support of Getting Word is support for the organizations behind today’s leading, emerging, and aspiring Black authors. Visit to #FundBlackLiterature today!
Getting Word
Getting Word
🎉 Happening now! Join this virtual reading for Getting Word: Black Literature for Black Liberation!

Hosted by Dr. Joanne Gabbin, featuring Destiny Birdsong, Alexis Pauline Gumbs, Lauren K. Alleyne, and Amanda Johnston!
Getting Word
Getting Word
Check it out!🔥In this powerful interview, Khadijah Ali-Coleman, executive director of the Hurston/Wright Foundation, and Tyehimba Jess, board president of Cave Canem, talk to Lurie Daniel Favors about Getting Word and our mission to #FundBlackLiterature:

Getting Word
Getting Word: Black Literature for Black Liberation is an annual collective fundraiser calling for the long-term monetary support of the Black literary arts ...
Getting Word
Getting Word
Exciting news! Bookshop is deepening its commitment to Getting Word with a $10K donation! Bookshop believes in Getting Word’s mission to address the underfunding and under-resourcing of the Black Literary organizations behind your favorite Black authors.

Join Bookshop in our movement to #FundBlackLiterature. Visit to donate today!
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